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Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates testimonials

This is a superior Chiropractic facility. Maria is always friendly, informative and always helpful under regular circumstances as well as emergency situations. The doctor is very professional and understanding but most of all he knows his job and performs it well. My old body would not be as physically enduring if it were not for this man keeping my alignments and various problems solved. I have recommended this practice to many and will continue to do so!

- Ernest M.

This is a great place, Dr. Gray is a real life saver. Came to my rescue and got me out of a real medical bind without drugs or invasive procedures. Keeps me in great shape. Great office staff; very friendly, very professional.

- Anonymous

The staff is friendly and courteous and the facility is spotless. Dr. Gray is caring and pays close attention to every detail of your care. I can't say enough good things about how much help he has been to me on more than one occasion. He is up to date on all the latest health care trends and equipment.

- Susan G.

I came to Dr. Gray with a knee injury during my training for a marathon. I had almost given up on being able to run in the race but after several sessions with Dr. Gray I was able to complete the race without knee pain. The laser therapy that I received at Dr. Gray's office really seemed to work and I appreciate all the help. Thanks to Dr. Gray!

- Chris C.

I went awhile ago to Dr. Gray with a foot injury that turned out to be plantar fasciitis. Dr. Gray worked on it with the Graston Technique and ART, which did not mask the problem as most treatment ends up being, but fixed the condition by restoring the foot biomechanics to function normally again. I recently went to him for a sprained ankle I got from kickboxing. One tool he used is a laser that the Yankees use for their players. Dr. Gray has the latest technology available to you that elite athletes have access to. I have recommended him to others and all of them have had a positive experience, and by positive I mean they get results from whiplash to neck and shoulder problems. Sometimes as we get older we just accept reduced mobility and biomechanical function as part of aging, but being a young man, I knew that my problems were not age related but injuries needing attention. Don't accept that your problems are insurmountable because of age. They only get worse and with the way the economy is and the desire of people to remain living independently as we age, it is important to take care of your body now. A little more money sitting in the bank instead of being spent on health is short sighted. You will pay more later on for reduced benefits when your ignored health problems get worse. Health is your greatest wealth.

- John S.

Due to playing competitive sports for many years, I have chronic injuries that thought I would have to live with. Now, in my late 40's, I have re-aggravated old injuries and developed new ones! "Regular doctors" always prescribe the same thing: REST. But I desperately wanted to keep training! After researching my options, I learned that chiropractors often help athletes heal form injuries and that professional athletes swear by these doctors. I checked out a few local options and quickly settled on Gray Chiropractic & Sports Assoc., because of their emphasis on the newest techniques, not just spinal alignment. I've been going for about two months and the care has been AMAZING! They greet every single patient by name (impressive), waiting times are minimal, the staff is awesome (athletes themselves), and Dr. Gray is working miracles on me, keeping me functional while promoting healing. During every visit, he works on the chronic tissue issues, and all are improving, but what is AWESOME is that if a new strain or sprain develops, he will assess it and can usually fix the problem in a moment or two by using massage, active release, or other technique. These pains go away and don't return. Come see these folks; you will not be disappointed!

- Charles L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lawrence Gray for 11 years. I am relocating and will be too far away to remain a patient which is my loss. I have received wonderful care from him. He is a caring, patient chiropractor who is interested in me as a person. His calm manner helps me relax before and during my adjustment. I have fibromyalgia and separated shoulders as well as a digestive issue. He adjusts to help dissolved the muscle knots in my body. His laser therapy and massage machine are very helpful with my body problems. I have moved nine times and have never found a chiropractor who has the extensive knowledge Dr. Gray has. His staff is always friendly, courteous and very helpful. The office is clean and cozy. Coffee, tea and purified water are provided for patients which is a nice touch. I wish that I could remain a patient of Dr. Gray. He is a great person as well as a fantastic Chiropractor. His adjustments plus his equipment have helped me manage my pain and help make life easier for me.

- Patricia G.


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