Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

sports medicine rehabilitation

Dr. Gray specializes in the rehabilitation of injuries caused from the specific movements performed during sports examples include shoulder injuries caused from throwing motions such as: labral tears, shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears, or scapula dyskinesis, knee and ankle injuries caused from jumping and cutting such as: ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, ankle instability, meniscus tears, or any kind of strain/sprain, running injuries like: Patella, Achilles, and Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, strains/sprains, IT Band Syndrome, Hip Bursitis, or Plantar Fasciitis, and Golf/Tennis Injuries like: neck, upper and low back strains/stiffness, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow.

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation in Winston-Salem

Just as people get a flu shot at the beginning of the year to try to prevent getting sick, athletes of all ranks shouldn’t wait to see a chiropractor until after an injury has occurred. While chiropractic has been proven to be an excellent source for injury rehabilitation and healing, it is an even better resource for preventing the damage from happening. Chiropractors view the body as a whole, taking into account all aspects of health. Our clinic has the resources to provide adjustive procedures, physical therapy, and soft tissue massage to address the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous systems. Through this approach, the body is allowed to function at its optimal level, keeping you off the bench sidelined with injuries throughout the season. If you are an athlete in the Winston-Salem area, contact our clinic today to schedule your individualized consultation.

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