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As we continue to grow we don't always get the chance to share things with you at your visit with us. Dr. Gray and his staff would like to share the events that they are involved in and any educational information so that you may continue your growth in health.


We will be at the WSSU National Women's Wellness Week Kick-off Health Fair on May 15th.


We will be at the Forsyth County Government Health Fair on June 29th.

Highlights of Dr. Gray's Growth

Dr. Gray has always strived to purse the best information in order to grow and give his patients the most innovative treatments around. In 2013 he pursued academic areas in certain studies to do just that. It takes countless hours of studying and traveling to seminars to be certified in certain things and to learn about new areas or old areas of his field. Dr. Gray enjoys learning and growing and being able to help his patients get back to their every day to day life.

With all that being said let's take a look at 2013 and see exactly what he did. First, he has the newest and most innovative K-Laser in his office and in order to do so he went and had countless hours of laser training. He wants to be able to provide his patients with current and innovative treatments of the mutli-skeletal areas and with his Advanced Training Certification in K-Laser he can give his patients better results. CLICK HERE for more information.

Being a Chiropractor he will always see patients with whiplash and trauma injuries due to car accidents. So, in order to stay current with the newest literature and studies he went to four separate seminars on Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology in Charlotte, NC. On these four different weekends he learned more about the impact that cars now make on a persons body and how to be able to access and diagnosis in a better way due to the changing of cars, airbags, speed and etc." It is pretty cool stuff" said Dr. Gray. He is always looking for better ways to understand the human body and how to heal it and these seminars gave him great insight.

Dr. Gray is very involved in different sports himself and he understands that athletes get injured and need specific treatments, so he has always been interested and strived to understand the advanced technology of soft tissue repair. He wants athletes to be able to be without pain and most important to get back at what they love doing. In November of 2013 he attended a Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Seminar where is learned about the treatments of common neck and shoulder injuries in athletes. He learned how his innovative treatments that he already does will be able to impact athletes in a more speedy recovery. Also, how he can help them prevent such injuries from happening and stay healthy with proper training and if needed proper rehab with him.

With such a busy year Dr. Gray came out of 2013 extremely happy with his growth and knowledge of new information for his patients. He only hopes that he is able to treat his patients in a proper time frame and get them back to their day to day life. The one thing that he loves to do is teach about what he has learned, so ask him sometime about his seminars and what innovative treatments he may have in his pocket to help you.

2012 Kids for Kids Triathlon Tenth Anniversary

Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates was once again part of this year's Kids for Kids Triathlon. The event was held on Saturday July 14, 2012 and was the Ten Year Anniversary of the race.

This year, 400 children participated. 75,000 dollars have been raised in the last ten years for kids charities.

GCSA are helping Sponsor Kids for Kids Triathlon

This SAFE and FUN event is a great way for your kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle and to help other kids.

Over $55,000 given to local Kid's Charities in 7 years!

36° North Sprint Triathlon

Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates are the main sponsor for 36 North Triathlon this year with other co-sponsors, Fleet Feet Sports and Daggett Shuler Attorney @ Law.

Last year, the 36 North Sprint Triathlon hit the triathlon race circuit and sold out to 400 participants in its first year. The race is back on Sunday, June 20, 2010 and we anticipate another sell-out year!

Fascial Manipulation Workshop in Newark, NJ

Dr. Gray has expanded his knowledge base again by attending the Fascial Manipulation Workshop earlier this year.

The two-part workshop allowed him to study under the renown Physio-therapist Luigi Stecco, who was aided by his son Anthony Stecco (MD) and Warren Hammer (DC).

This continuing education will empower Dr. Gray to provide manipulation techniques to patients with fascial and soft tissue pain issues.


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