Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pain

Have you wanted to improve your body’s ability to repair itself? Actually you can benefit from using hyperbaric therapy available at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates in Winston Salem, NC. The benefits of hyperbaric therapy, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), include healing the body on the cellular level. Discover how you can help yourself using the many benefits of hyperbaric therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Winston-Salem

If you have ever been certified in scuba diving you know how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works. It’s the technique used to rescue divers who suffer from decompression sickness. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber your surrounding environment the air pressure increases to triple the normal amount. This requires your lungs to take on more oxygen, which helps stimulate stem cells and improve healing capabilities of the body.

Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Medical doctors including our Dr. Lawrence Gray are trained and skilled at using hyperbaric therapy in Winston Salem. It is an ideal procedure for a range of conditions, such as sudden deafness, radiation injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning and burns. Other conditions may also benefit from using HBOT including spinal cord injuries, sports injuries and fibromyalgia. If you are searching for a chiropractor who offers hyperbaric therapy in Winston Salem, you are in luck.

Your First Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Exercise

At Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates, Dr. Gray is leading the way with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We are glad you have chosen us for your first hyperbaric therapy visit in Winston Salem, NC. For your first visit please note that this is an outpatient procedure that will not require you to be sedated or hospitalized overnight.

When you enter the room with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, you may be the only person in the room or you may be joined by other patients. You will likely feel as if you were on an airplane due to an increase in the air pressure. Overall your first visit should take approximately 2 hours. During this time you will be monitored continuously by Dr. Gray’s health care team to make certain you react normally to the HBOT. You’ll likely be tired or possibly hungry after the session. This is the extent of the side effects; you will be able to continue with your normal routine immediately after your first hyperbaric oxygen therapy exercise.

Seeing the Results of HBOT

You will need to complete more than one session in order to see real results of HBOT. The number of sessions will depend on your level of care, which will be determined by Dr. Gray. For example, if you are going to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, you would only have a few sessions to complete. On the other hand, more extensive therapy programs can last for 40 or more treatment sessions.

Begin Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Today

Now you are ready to begin hyperbaric oxygen treatment at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates. Kick off your treatment program with a consultation at Gray Chiropractic in Winston Salem, NC. After the consultation, Dr. Gray will give you a level of care and treatment plan based on your medical condition.

Call us today at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates in Winston-Salem for your no obligation consultation and get your body functioning at its max potential! Imagine the possibilities!


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