Graston Technique

graston technique for pain

Sometimes old injuries and other ailments from your past can just keep hammering away at your comfort and quality of life years after they supposedly resolved themselves. If motion triggers that old pain and stiffness, you may be struggling with scar tissue that inhibits your tissues' ability to do their job. Thankfully, a safe,non-invasive healing modality called Graston Technique can get that scar tissue out of your way so you can finally feel good and move freely again -- and we're proud to offer this technique here at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates in Winston Salem NC.

Graston Technique in Winston-Salem

Scarring is natural physical process that's actually supposed to do good, not harm. Injured tissues may become even worse unless they're immobilized temporarily. This is exactly what scar tissue does as a protective measure. Unfortunately, it's possible to have too much of a good thing. If the scar tissue continues to grow, the overgrowth may take the form of restrictive lumps known as adhesions. These adhesions -- which contain fibers that run in all directions, instead of the orderly patterns of muscle fibers -- can actually "glue" adjacent muscles together or freeze them in place, preventing them from moving easily. Injuries may never heal completely if the scar tissue accumulation keeps important nutrients from being delivered to the tissues.

How Graston Technique Restores Pain-Free Mobility

The Graston Technique is an instrument-based form of manual therapy that uses stainless steel instrument to find and break up internal scar tissue. Its effectiveness has caused it to be taken up by more than 24,500 health practitioners around the world, including our own chiropractor. Dr. Gray uses the specialized tools both as diagnostic devices and as a corrective instruments. Underlying adhesions tend to "catch" underneath the tools as they're run across the afflicted tissues, allowing us to pinpoint their position. The tools can then manipulate the tissues to release the adhesions' hold on them, permitting full healing and pain-free motion.

Like many forms of conservative care, Graston Technique may require multiple sessions to convey its full benefits, depending on the extent and severity of your adhesions. Most patients notice significant improvements after just a few treatments. We typically administer Graston Technique alongside therapeutic exercises to help you regain flexibility. Other helpful complementary therapies may include our K-Laser cold laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to stimulate cellular repair. We can prescribe a personalized healing plan that includes these and other techniques until you finally feel like yourself again.

If you've been suffering chronic pain and stiffness from an old injury, maybe it's time to take a new approach toward getting rid of it once and for all. Find out whether Graston Technique is the answer to your problems.

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