Active Release Technique

active release technique for pain

Active Release Technique is to soft tissue treatment what chiropractic care is to the joints -- a manual, conservative method for relieving pain and restoring range of motion. Here at Gray Chiropractic & Sports Associates, we can use this sophisticated technique to help many individuals overcome pain and stiffness.

Active Release Technique in Winston-Salem

Pain and restricted motion in soft tissues is often caused by internal scarring. Scarring in and of itself is not a terrible thing; in fact, it's a normal part of the tissue healing process, not only in major injuries but also in the everyday exertion that builds and maintains muscles.

Exertion typically produces tiny injuries known as micro-tears in muscle fibers, with scar tissue formation as a necessary step toward recovery. But excessive scarring can immobilize significant areas of tissue or even cause adjacent tissues to get stuck together, a problem known as adhesion. Clumps of scar tissue can make certain movements painful or even impossible while restricting the tissues' oxygen supply, slowing the healing process. To make matters worse, the scar tissue can trap nerves as well as muscles, producing neuropathy and referred pain.

Active Release Technique can relieve these soft tissue constraints. This method, which includes over 500 distinct manual protocols, is a complete process for both diagnosing and treating adhesions. The results can free your stiff muscle groups while also relieving any neurological symptoms you may be experiencing due to adhesion-impinged nerve tissue.

How Our Chiropractor Uses Active Release Technique

Our chiropractor, Dr. Lawrence Gray, will start by evaluating your physical alignment, musculoskeletal biomechanics and your current symptoms. He will then utilize the manual techniques of ART to palpate the tissues, searching for the telltale signs of adhesions. When an adhesion is identified, Dr. Gray will then make use of other manual protocols to loosen the scar tissue, freeing muscles, nerves and connective tissues that may have been negatively affected for years. You'll be asked to perform specific movements during the treatment; these movements are a vital part of the ART process.

Active Release Technique can serve as an integral part of a larger natural treatment plan built around your specific health needs. For instance, once we have restored optimal blood flow to the tissues, K-Laser therapy can enhance that blood flow further to accelerate healing. If overuse injuries led to scar tissue accumulation, we may prescribe various rehabilitation techniques to help normalize your sports technique and/or physical balance. By correcting the underlying cause of your vulnerability to overuse injuries, we may spare you the need for future ART treatments.

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